"The address of professionalism"

Thanks to our 10-year accumulation of agricultural tools, machinery and equipment, we have taken our place in the national and international market with our experience, knowledge and professional staff. We are now continuing our production of agricultural machinery in Ankara and Sinop provinces in BURSA province. We have started our sales in Turkey due to intensive demand as well as exports lasting for 5 years.

ARDEN TRADE has services in various sectors. We are manufacturing agricultural tools and machinery in Bursa. Our main products include milking machines, spare parts, feed crushing, SAP shredding machines, trailer and plow production of anchor machines. In addition, 

As the Pelen Engineering ANKARA, we are providing urban transformation services to the public Special Plan project consultancy throughout Turkey.

We provide VIP Car rental service with staff transportation, chauffeur and chauffeur in Istanbul and Sinop provinces of Koşar Group.

Thanks to the professionalism of the years, our exports to 48 countries are spreading to the whole world.

To continue to be the first brand in the minds of the Agricultureby producing more quality products.

Export to Country
It determines the quality of a company, the quality of its products and after-sales support. As we mentioned earlier, we produce every detail of our products carefully and pass through the necessary quality tests. Dairy milking jobs do not forgive any mistakes. There is no time to compensate when a problem occurs in the milking machine. Milk won't wait. For this reason we are very important to quality.
General Manager