Milking Machines
High quality, ergonomic, hygienic
Spare Parts
Quality Equipment, Long Life
Farm Equipment
Make your work easy, protect your farm
Agriculture Equipment
A brand, a friend in agricultural equipment

Quality Equipment

All the equipment used is produced at the best quality. The life and durability of this product is more than that.

Full Support

We are behind every product we produce. We work harder to keep customer satisfaction at the best level.

Preferred Brand

As Arden Trade we export our products to 48 countries. We are the first preferred brand in Europe, Russia, Anatolia and African countries.


Product Categories We Manufacturer

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Arden Trade News and Highlights

Agriculture Turkish magazine's 75. We have redeemed our place in the number

  Agriculture Turkish magazine's 75. Arden milk milking technologies, which takes care of milking machines in the census, also emphasized […]

Arden Milking Technologies is powering the power of the domestic service network!

Arden Milk Milking Technologies recently announced that it has strengthened its domestic sales network with its partnership with Gertar Makine. […]

Agriculture Turkish magazine's 74. We've got our place in the count.

The Turkish Journal of Agriculture, which is one of the leading journals of the sector, 74. We've got our place […]